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These are full color 3-D images that are 3-D with red, blue glasses.

Stereo images of New York City were photographed by world-renowned

3-D photographer R. Anthony Munn, & anaglyphed by Sara Cook.

These prints are currently available by calling 1-646-671-2882.

Chrysler Eagle 3-D Anaglyph
The Chrysler Eagle item # 0001

Depthography World Trade Center Image
World Trade Center Image item # 0002

Flat Iron City 3-D Anaglyph
Flat Iron City item # 0003

Depthography Reflection Building Refraction
Reflection Building Refraction item # 0004

Depthography Chrystler Building Image
Mercury PanAm on 42 Street item # 0005

Depthgraphy Atlas Building Image
Radio City Image item # 0006

Depthgraphy Lincoln Futurra Image
This 3-D anaglyph was created by R. Anthony Munn, & Arby Schuman of The Depthography Group (both founding members of Depthography) & this image is also Depthography's first original lenticular image shot in 1990. It is entitled Auto- Stereoscopik. The 50's dreamcar featured is the Lincoln Futura, which eventually became the Batmobile on the 60's tv show Batman." item # 0007

Depthgraphy Radio City Image
Atlas Image" item # 0008

Depthgraphy Clock Tower Image
Clock Tower Image" item # 0009

Depthgraphy Brooklyn Bridge Image
Brooklyn Bridge Image" item # 0010

Depthgraphy Manhattan Bridge Image
Manhattan Bridge Image item # 0011

Depthgraphy Pan Am Building at Gr& Central Station
Reflection Building Refraction item # 0012

Depthgraphy  Boar at 59 ST Image
Boar at 59 ST Image item # 0013

Depthgraphy United Nations Image
United Nations Image item # 0014

Depthgraphy Cubism Image
Cubism Image item # 0015

Depthgraphy Midst The Mids Image
Midst The Mids Image item # 0016

Depthgraphy El Nino Image
El Nino Image item # 0017

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