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Lifesized 2D into 3D lenticular Art Installation
"This Is Not A Magritte"- exhibited from 6.10.10-12.28.12

By artists Robert Munn, Sara Cook, & Rick Longo-Burrows

It was a fun experience in N.Y.C. you could visit the hotel lobby/gallery at 7 East 27th St., press the elevator button & observe a three-dimensional lenticular installation by Robert Munn, Sara Cook, & Rick Longo-Burrows made for The Gershwin Hotel. A lifesized 2D into 3D art installation in the hotel. In concept, the life size three dimensional image effectively creates the illusion of an actual person in the elevator. The artwork was installed to coincide with Robert Munn & Sara Cook's 20 year Retrospective Show of their work in the 3D lenticular medium entitled "Exhibition Ultradelic & Beyond" and continued it's residency until The Gershwin Hotel changed ownership in December 2012.

Gershwin Art Installation

Below are images from the Retrospective Art Show of Robert Munn & Sara Cook 6.10.10-7.16.10. at The Gershwin Hotel, New York City.

The Gershwin Hotel is located at 7 E 27 St.

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