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Full color virtual 3-D & 4D animated images are no longer theories of science fiction. The Depthography group makes outward-projected, sharp focused images- employing photographic cel-animation & computer generated visuals- that seem so real you can literally reach your hand behind them. In "Auto Stereoscopic", a classic 50's concept car speeds away from the rings of Saturn; "The Siren Genii" depicts an exotic belly dancer who actually performs. These & other examples of Depthography's magic are currently on display at The Virtual Image Gallery in New York City.

Depthography Inc. will be collaborating with Swiss Artist H.R. Giger for his show at the Alex&er Gallery. For more information on the Virtual Image Gallery, visit them at 303 East 44 th street, New York City, NY 10017 or call 212-972-9044. (Our contact info has changed.)

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