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1993 (making this the worlds first lenticular sports animation)

Don Scott, editor of Boxing Collectors News, gave a review of our first product, INSTANT REPLAYS. Here is an excerpt:

"It just may be the best new boxing collectible in the last five years. Do you remember the classic left hook that Muhammad Ali hit Cleveland Williams with in 1966? Ali, left foot in front of right, flexes both knees, twists his body, & draws his left back. He then uncoils his body & throws the punch. Williams extends his right straight ahead to block the punch but leaves his chin uncovered. BOOM!! The left explodes on his chin as Ali finishes the punch on his toes but still balanced. Williams face turns like silly putty toward the camera.

Now thanks to an outfit called Depthography, you can own this punch & see it any time you want - without a TV.

Remember those Crackerjack prizes with images that moved when you tilted them? Well the effect is the same here but the quality is astounding. This is an 8"x10" full color crisp image that captures 24 frames of the fight film. Own it, tilt the photo, & THE PUNCH, called "Muhammad Ali in Action" is yours to see. This makes Hologram Cards look like a waste of time & money.

They are a limited edition of 500 & the sale price is $75 each thru '93.

"I don't tout new stuff unless I believe in it, & I only collect stuff from before 1964."

"Customer response has been totally positive. People who have called give us nothing but praise for Instant Replays"

Don Scott, editor of Boxing Collectors News.

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