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W H E R E ' S T H E 3 - D ?

It used to be that 3-D conjured thoughts of hundreds of people in a movie theater wearing funny glasses, or an ecstatic shrieking child looking into a Viewmaster for the first time. In the 90's it has become a useful aspect in graphic design & creation. Considering the time & expense involved in creating a 3-D scene, one is faced with an unusual question. What happens to the "3-D"? While rendering, one enjoys the advantages of creating in a 3-D environment, but in visual terms the 3-D is an abstract, i.e. You don't "see" it. Viewing the image on screen or print out format appears flat. Other than methods involving stereo pairs, viewers or special glasses the imaging emphasizing dimension.

Imagine reaching into your computer, & literally pulling the image out in 3-D, & hanging it on the wall. No monitor, glasses, or machinery needed (auto-stereoscopic). A permanent image containing all the 3-D aspects of your work. Is it something like a Hologram? No, it's photographic, in full color, & contains fluid animation if desired. B.C. News said "It makes Holograms look like a waste of time & money".If this sounds like the future to you, then at Depthography, Inc., the future is now.

The Depthography group is R.A. Munn, Gary Darrow, Arby Schuman, Sara Cook & Henry Jones, a team of artists/ technicians who have transformed a dormant technology into something new & exciting. The technology is called "Lenticular" imaging techniques, & took them over six years of research & development to perfect. Munn says "I was deeply involved with stereo photography since 1976, but was dissatisfied with the paraphennalia involved. That's what drove me to explore the autostereoscopic. When I realized the potential of this medium for 3-D graphics, I was determined to to make it happen. Now, three dimensional images jump off the wall they're mounted on, & 4D images incorporate a motion/time factor. Movement transforms what appears to be a single picture into a motion picture."

Methods for making three-dimensional autostereoscopic photographs have been around for nearly 100 years, but never with this projection, sharp focus & resolution achieved by Depthography, Inc.. Interactive in that one can reach into the picture, & see 3-D elements surrounding. Movement is also controlled by the observer. "It's a powerful tool for capturing the observer's peripheral vision" says Ms. Cook. Animated "multi-phase" pictures of more than 4 images have been a rarity. Up to 36 perspective views of 3-D, & 36 animation frames can be used to create Depthography's "Visual Sample". All the artist must provide, is a specific rotation of their graphic on PICT file format. Cyclical animations appear seamless & ongoing. Currently the sizes range from 8" x 10" to 20" x 24"as transparency or print. There is no minimum order.

Among the first to explore this medium commercially is Post Perfect, who provided graphics rendered on a Wavefront system. In this, you view a transparent man in 3-D, with circulatory system exposed. As you walk by you see his heart beat. Depthography is collaborating with famed artist H.R. Giger. Among his most famous efforts was the set design for the movie "Alien". . This premieres at Giger's N.Y. show at Alexander's Gallery on 77 St. & Mad. opening Oct. 30 through Dec. 24, 1993. I.T. &T Educ. Scvs. is creating images for their computer graphic schools, & possible yearly contest for students best graphics. "Depthography's techniques are definitely superior" says Glen Tanner of I.T. & T. Tom Brigham, who just won Academy Award for Technical Achievement for invention of "morph", will work with Depthography on computer bluescreen. Super Computing 93' will exhibit Depthography's images at The Oregon Conference Center, Portland, OR. from Nov. 15-19, 1993.

So where's the 3-D? See it for yourself at the Virtual Image Gallery at 303 East 44 st. in N.Y.C.- ongoing, or contact Depthography at (212-972-9044).

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