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World's Largest Sports Animations (at the time) Made Debut in Time's Square at The ESPN Zone Sports Bar.

Depthography of New York, created the world's largest & most advanced sports animation displays in history. These ground breaking lenticular images went up Sept.15 1999 as part of the ESPN Zone's gala & premiere opening honoring the 10 best Athletes of this century. Now anyone in Times Square can witness this spectacular array of giant 30" x 30" Instant Replays©. Interactive in that they come alive as you pass by them. Each full color Image moves fluidly as only Depthography lenticulars can do. In 1993, Depthography broke ground with the worlds first motion sports lenticular containing 36 frames of animation. R. Anthony Munn pioneered this cutting edge technology & produce these lenticular animations. The graphics were provided by Sara Cook of Depthography, Inc. computer graphics team. To find out more about Depthography & lenticular imaging technology, go to on the internet. If you are in town & want some fun & entertainment, check out the corner of at 42 St. & Broadway. As with all of Time Square, these sports animations are best viewed at night. If you were there right now, you would be witness to the following: a baseball player hitting a homerun, a football player spiking the ball, a basketball player making a slam dunk, a hockey player making the winning goal. I would tell you more but you have to see these rich colorful moving images to really experience something to write home about.

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