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Depthography Group Art In Macy's

Here is one of the prime 34th st. display windows of the famed flagship Macy's Department store, located at Herald Sq. (34th.St.& Bway), "The Worlds Largest Store". The very creative, Visual Merchandising department at Macy's were quite impressed with a visit to our gallery, immediately integrating a number of our more colorful animating artworks into a display featuring lenticular clothing! As the multitudes of pedestrians perambulated past, the eye-popping animating effects quickly caught their attention, contributing much delight & amusement. The display lasted for about 2 months during the summer of '96, & was part of a longstanding Macy's policy of incorporating the work of artists into unusual & interesting presentations. We were subsequently called upon to produce a number of uniquely interesting commercial display projects, all which are illustrated & described in detail...

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