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You could spend a good deal of time rocking in front of M Henry Jones, Robert Munn & Sara Cook's Technicolor trip-hoppy 3-D photos, watching the image morph from one thing (a cartoon blond bimbette with antennae) to another (a bug-eyed alien!). The shows more self-conciously serious work -A Coney Island roller coaster with its cascading car, an old man politely tipping his hat seem ...the artists obligatory & determined to display the technical accomplishment of their technique, known as lenticular imaging. Far more entertaining were the Pee-wee's Playhouse-esque tableaux of the show's fantasy pictures: in one, a multi-eyeballed house in a thicket of wooded trees lols its tongue out soggily when you step to the right. In another, a sad eyed Yorkshire terrier wearing rediculous overalls stands guard in front of a cheerful yet menacing farmhouse. One has to admire the artist's restraint-how easy woud it have been to apply their techniques to pornographic images? Not that they would need to. Their crackerjack weirdness is capable of holding its own. Through Jan 1 (Proposition Gallery 559 W 22 St. NYC 212-242-0035)"

The New Yorker Dec 23, 30, 2002
page 42 - No Author identified.

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