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Depthography in coordination with Holland Advertising Agency, NY, created these animating lenticular phone booth displays for the launch of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show". These were featured throughout the streets of New York & Los Angeles. The images presented were three-phase animations. Three distinct images were displayed in the same panel. As a person walked past the image, it changed in sequence from one graphic to the next. The considerable costs involved in mounting a high profile campaign in an outdoor display medium are neatly offset by our products' ability to expand the amount of information presented 3 & 4 fold. The ability of the animation or dimensional effects to grab the attention of the passerby in a way no other medium can . When the above campaign began these displays were literally the talk of the town!! We are currently involved in another project of this type for Chase, & when it is installed full info will be posted as to where these can be observed in action. For further information about this form of advertising display, please contact us direct or by email.

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