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World's Fairs in 3-D Special 70th Anniversary Show

"World's Fairs in 3-D" Projection Event 7:30 pm
"Exhibition Ultradelic" Art Show 4 pm
Saturday, April 18 2009
The Gershwin Hotel
7 East 27th St. NYC
Contact Robert Munn
Tel # 1-646-671-2882

"World's Fairs in 3-D" View Master Special 70th Anniversary Show

With the 70th Anniversary of both View Master & the'39 Fair at hand, Artists Robert Munn & Sara Cook of the Depthography Group will be presenting their renowned 3-D stereoscopic projection show of View Master images from World's Fairs at The Gershwin Hotel in New York on April 18th at 7:30. They will also be showcasing their 3-D &/or animating lenticular artworks as seen in their most recent gallery presentation, "Exhibition Ultradelic".

Three-dimensional imaging is once more in the technological forefront of visual entertainment, however, you may remember back to a simpler era of 3-D, the "View Master". Sawyers, Inc, the company that created the View Master system introduced the public to their 3-D technology at The 1939 World's Fairs held in New York & San Francisco. The Depthography Group will be presenting their 3-D stereoscopic projection show (with 3D polarized glasses) of View Master images from World's Fairs, this time celebrating the 70th anniversary of the opening of the 1939 World's Fair. "Virtually everyone is familiar since childhood with the ubiquitous viewers & circular reels, but rarely do folks get a chance to see the stunning 3-D images projected in large scale before an audience", says Robert Munn. The Fairs that will be featured (in full color) include the following: 1939 New York, 1939 San Francisco, 1958 Brussels, 1962 Seattle, 1964 New York, 1964 New York, Expo '67 Montreal, & a series of images photographed more recently by Mr. Munn of the 1964 New York World's Fair aftermath, ruins, remaining structures, etc. Over 400 views will be featured. They will also be augmenting the show with a selection of rare Black & White "TRU-VUE" 3-D images of The 1939 New York World's Fair.

For those who remember the amazing Belgian Waffles featured at the 1964 NY Fair, the REAL THING will be available at the show, by special arrangement from their friends at "Wafels & Dinges", Belgian waffle specialists!

Robert Munn & Sara Cook have worked in the medium of Lenticular imaging for over 20 years. This method presents 3-D without the need for special glasses to experience the effect. There will be a FULL EXHIBIT of 3-D & animated lenticular artworks they have created, a variety including images from their latest abstract art show "EXHIBITION ULTRADELIC". These works, which literally redefine the meaning of the word "Psychedelic", will be on display in "The Living Room", conveniently located at the rear of the presentation room in which the 3-D show will be held, the exhibit will be open from 4 pm until 7pm, with show time at 7:30pm. Come early, see the exhibit, & get great seats for the projection show !

The event will take place 7:30PM Saturday, April 18th, at the Gershwin Hotel in Manhattan. This is just the latest in a series of 3-D projected events by Munn & Cook at The Gershwin as part of Neke Carson's weekly Cabaret events at the hotel. Other 3-D shows The Depthography Group are presenting include "World War 1 in 3D", featuring extremely rare original glass slides photographed in 1914 with Avant-garde Theremin accompaniment upcoming Saturday, May 2nd. Munn & Cook are artists who have been creating in various 3-D media of for over 25 years. The Gershwin Hotel is located on 27th street between 5th Ave. & Madison Ave. Subway: NRW trains to 28th St, #6 line to 28th St.

The admission fee is $10, which includes the show & 3-D glasses. For further info, please go to

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