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Depthography Group's 2D, 3D, & 4D artwork can be seen throughout & on Facebook. Depthography Group have been turning out volumes of new 3D & 4D cutting edge artwork here in NYC. These images can be seen on line in anaglyph form so they can be viewed in 3D with red & blue glasses.

To see where many of Depthography's artistic & technological 2D, 3D & 4D lenticular & stereo imaging breakthroughs were first premiered, check out Depthography's Virtual Image Gallery page as well as Robert Munn & Sara Cook's bios on this site.

Below is a select few pieces of artwork from one of Depthography Group's ground breaking cutting edge solo lenticular art shows here in NYC at Proposition Gallery. This Lenticular art show opened on Nov 15, 2002 and was on the walls through January 18, 2003.

This show features works created by the innovations of Depthography (including it's innovators responsible for this technologically pioneering work) in concunction with NYC artists.

Click here to read the New Yorker review in the , Dec 23, 30, 2002 issue.

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Depthography Group (a guild of artists/technologists who create "four-dimensional images") present a display of their work at The Proposition gallery at 559 W 22 St, NYC. These are three-dimensional animating lenticular images. On display are twelve exquisite large format (up to 30" x 40") fine art lenticulars as well as 12 8"x10"s.

This unique lenticular art show hosted by Ellen Donahue & Ronald Sosinski, premiered on Nov.15th 2002 & will remain hung through New Years Day, 2003. These works achieve a technical state of the art unrivaled in the lenticular field. Contact Depthography ongoing at 1-646-671-2882.

Robert Munn & Sara Cook Flat Iron 3-D Lenticular Image

This multi dimensional image of the Flat Iron Building, on 23rd street in Manhatten, 2002 is the first of a series of 3-D images of New York with a splash of color shot by Robert Munn & Sara Cook of Depthography Group.

A portrait of Otto was the first of a series of 4D portraits photographed on this stoop in New York City since the Summer of 2002. This shot captures the serendipity approach to art & life. This image was photographed only once,truly capturing a moment in time. Otto was simply waving to the ladies on a hot summers day.

Anyone who has spent any time at Coney Island knows this wonderful familiar view when you first arrive at the park, but this is in 4D. Somewhere between Nathen's famous hotdogs & the Cyclone, near the subway is this alley feeling view that says we are there !!!

Robert Munn & Sara Cook Cyclone Animating Lenticular Image

Truly one of the most beloved rollercoasters in the world, The Cyclone in Coney Island. Three dimensional & animating thrills as this image says fun, fun, fun !!!!! This is part of a Coney Island series we have shot including 4D mermaids from the parade, 2002.

Click here to see the new Coney Island Mermaid Series

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